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Finding the Best Coupons and Savings Tips For 2012

Tips For Saving Money To Avoid New Loans in the New Year 🙂

Come 2012 and online shopping is going to become even more competitive with more tilt to consumer freedom. The big brands will face tough competition from the smaller and moderate ones who will compete on the price factor. As a way to match competition, the big guns will offer coupons on their sites in order to benefit from bulk buying and customer patronage. So here are some tips to find the best coupon deals and saving tips for 2012

1. Look around the Internet for coupons- For instance, whenever you buy something from a site, there may be a place to put the coupon code. Search in Google with the coupon for a particular brand and then you can use the code for the money in the place given and do shopping. For instance, if you want to buy a domain from, you can look for coupon code for the month, enter it and you will find a good discount for the price that you pay.

2. Coupon codes may not work for sale products – It is better if you do not use coupon codes for holiday shopping for clothes, merchandize etc which are anyway available at a discounted price. In any case, they may not apply the coupon for the discounted prices.

3. Use newspaper coupons – Apart from the Internet, look for coupons in the newspapers, tabloids and magazines. For instance, if it is a festive season. Newspapers may give you coupons for a pizza, ice-creams etc. To increase your coupon base, buy two or more newspapers and keep the coupons ready.

4. Subscribe to coupon blogs – There are many blogs that are maintained by companies or run independently which give information about various deals and discounts that can be availed through coupons. You can use them to benefit from buying products and services at reduced prices.

5. Look for free printable coupon sites- Shopping is going to be customer-centric with a lot of printable coupon sites coming up, some of them may even be tied with ‘deals’ and ‘group-buying ‘ shopping sites. Since every printable coupon site has a restriction of two prints per coupon per computer, you may need multiple computers or multiples sites if you want more than two coupons. Also, go for printable coupon sites that are free and the ones that do not ask for personal information.

6. Look for in-store coupons – The ‘brick and mortar’ store that you may buy from, also may have printable coupons for discounts which may not be advertising highly. We are not talking about the coupons offered by the brands but by the shop which houses many brands. So, you can ask the staff if there are discount coupons being offered by some brand or the other. In 2012, there are going to be more and more department stores and supermarkets which will offer in-house store coupons.

Credit Card Balance Transfers for Lower Interest Charges on Holiday Expenses

Shopping has been a normal routine for many individuals as part of the holiday preparations. A huge portion of the shopping spree is allotted for gifts for loved ones and friends. It is always fun to go shopping during Christmas time and thought that the season is a celebration of gift giving and sharing. Of course, shopping for yourself completes your Christmas.

It is also very common for stores to have sales and promotions as a way to attract customers. Many of you may be using your credit card to make your purchases, especially if a zero percent interest promo is on going. Even online shopping stores also attract shoppers with their markdown in prices. With all these holiday shopping frenzy going on, you may get so overwhelmed that you won’t realize you have spent too much, not until you receive your post-holiday credit card statements.

Balance Transfer Lowers Interest Rates

As a remedy for your huge credit card bill, you can apply for a balance transfer in order to take advantage of lower interest rates. You can talk to your credit card agent or company about the process in doing a credit card balance transfer. Most credit card firms offer an introductory promotion of zero interest in the first few months or even until the duration of 18 months. Choose a company that has better package in terms of balance transfer of credit cards.

Balance Transfer Process

There are steps and guidelines to follow in transferring your balance from one credit card to another. Check these:
• Always make sure to pay the required minimum payment to the old credit card company
• Look for another credit card company that offers low interest rates for balance transfers
• Apply for a balance transfer with the help of a credit card agent
• Complete the zero balance transaction with the previous company
• Cancel your credit card account with the former company and instruct them to note on your credit report that you requested for transfer of balance

Factors to Consider in Getting Savings from Balance Transfer

One advantage of a balance transfer is the savings you will get. Yet, you need to consider certain factors in your aim to save. Here are a few:

• There are banks or credit card companies that charge you with a so-called retroactive interest if you fail to settle your balance transfer especially during the introductory period
• It is not advisable to make purchases on a balance transfer credit card. The main purpose of this to stretch the interest rate and come up with lower monthly dues
• Late payments can affect your possible savings on your balance transfer

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